Lab access request: Please fill out this form, sign it, and send a scanned copy to Dr. Zhang for approval.

Lab printer and server request: Please submit a request to the IT department of the Polytechnic School via this link. Please remember to include your full name and asurite in your request.

Purchase and reimbursement request using lab's accounts: For purchase requests, please complete this form and send it to Dr. Zhang for approval. Please leave the account blank and use either the lab or Dr. Zhang's office as the recipient address. Please put enough details to the business justification in order to expedite the process.

For reimbursement, please inform Dr. Zhang and get his approval before making the purchase using your personal accounts. Please ask him for the form for reimbursement.

Purchase request using FURI/MORE accounts: Please fill out this form and send it to PolyBizz@asu.edu. Please make sure you cc Dr. Zhang in your email so he can approve/disapprove it.

Meeting room request: Please send an email to Ms. Becky Montez at bmontez@asu.edu and cc Dr. Zhang for approval. Please mention the time of the meeting as well as specific requirement of the meeting room (e.g., with projector, needs to hold more than 10 people, etc.)