EGR433: Transforms and System Modeling (spring semester)

Course Description: This is a senior-level undergraduate class. Students will gain an understanding of the relationships between inputs and outputs in mechanical, electrical, and electro-mechanical systems, as well as learn the fundamental tools for control system analysis and design. Students will be curious about the transforms and modeling concepts, able to connect those concepts to real-world engineering systems, and apply those mathematical tools to improve the engineering systems and create values.

EGR556: System Control and Optimization (fall semester)

Course Description: This is a mixed style graduate-level control class. The first part of the class will be lecture-based, and the instructor will introduce fundamental knowledge of state-space modeling and control. The second part of this class features a course project that students will study and apply advanced control techniques to real-world problems, including robotics, energy systems, autonomous vehicles, and chemical process. Students will start the course project early in the semester, and there will be dedicated class time for literature reviews, research discussions, and milestone presentations. The class will end with a final presentation and report. Each group will also make a poster and present their work in the innovation showcase at the end of the semester.


The ASU RISE LAB is committed to education and outreach, and the lab has actively participated in various local outreach events. We are excited to showcase our robotics research to anyone who is interested in learning more about it. The lab will open its door annually during ASU Night of the Open Door (late January) and National Robotics Week (mid April). You are also welcome to contact Dr. Zhang if you would like to schedule a tour of the lab outside those events.

National Robotics Week (RoboWeek) is a series of grassroots events and activities during the month of April aimed at increasing public awareness of the strength and importance of the U.S. robotics industry and of the tremendous social and cultural impact that robotics will have on the future.

ASU Open Door: Every year ASU invites the local community to visit any of the five campus locations, allowing visitors to explore the innovative spaces accessible only to ASU students. Visitors have the opportunity to participate in hundreds of interactive activities and talk to students, faculty and staff.