Welcome to the ASU RISE Lab

Welcome to the Robotics and Intelligent SystEms Laboratory (RISE) at Arizona State University! We work on design and control of advanced robotic systems, including wearable assistive robots, soft robots, and unmanned aerial vehicles. Our aim is to design novel structures/mechanisms and intelligent learning/control algorithms for robots to safely and efficiently collaborate with human in dynamic tasks. We are part of School of Manufacturing Systems and Networks at the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. We are affiliated with the ASU Robotics Group and Center for Human, Artificial Intelligence, and Robot Teaming (CHART). The lab is directed by Dr. Wenlong Zhang, an Associate Professor of Systems Engineering at Arizona State University.


October 2023

Congratulations to new PhD graduate Dr. Zhi Qiao.

August 2023

Congratulations to new PhD graduate Dr. Emiliano Quinones Yumbla.

May 2023

Congratulations to new PhD graduate Dr. Karishma Patnaik.

December 2021

We recently published two review papers, one on flexible multirotor UAVs and the other on wearable soft robots. Check the Publications page for more details!

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