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Wenlong Zhang

Assistant Professor and Lab Director

  • Dr. Zhang is an Assistant Professor in the Polytechnic School at the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, Arizona State University. His research interests lie in developing learning and control algorithms for safe and efficient human-robot collaboration, with applications in wearable robotics, soft robotics, and autonomous aerial and ground vehicles. He joined ASU faculty in 2015 after obtaining his Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. He is a recipient of an NSF CAREER Award (2020), NSF-CISE Research Initiation Initiative (CRII) Award (2018), and Bisgrove Early Career Faulty Award from Science Foundation Arizona (2016).

Graduate Students

Sunny Amatya

Sys. Eng., 2019-

Reed Axman

R&AS, 2020-
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Xiong Bao

R&AS, 2020-

Jonathan Bush

Sys. Eng., 2020-

Yizhuang Garrard

Sys. Eng., 2019-
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Shatadal Mishra

Sys. Eng., 2016-

Karishma Patnaik

Sys. Eng., 2019-

Zhi Qiao

Mech. Eng., 2017-

Mostafa Rezayat

Mech. Eng., 2018-

Sooraj Sivakumar

R&AS, 2020-
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Mason Smith

Eng., 2020-
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Kyle Stewart

R&AS, 2020-
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Danish Faraaz Syed

R&AS, 2019-
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Rakshith Vishwanatha

R&AS, 2019-
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Emiliano Quinones Yumbla

Mech. Eng., 2019-

Sam Zha

Mfg. Eng., 2020-
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Undergraduate Students

Deepit Arora

Eng., 2020-

Bill Nguyen

Mech. Eng., 2020-
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Hatvi Thakkar

Aero. Eng., 2021-


Doctoral Students

Dr. Yiwei Wang, Spring 2021
Dissertation: Modeling Human Adaptation with Game-Theoretic Intention Decoding in Human-Robot Interactions
now postdoctoral researcher at Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Dr. Pham Huy Nguyen, Spring 2020
Dissertation: Design, Modeling, and Evaluation of Soft Poly-Limbs Toward a New Paradigm of Wearable Continuum Robotic Manipulation for Daily Living Tasks
now postdoctoral researcher at Imperial College London

Dr. Saivimal Sridar, Spring 2020
Dissertation: Design, Development, and Evaluation of a Soft-Inflatable Exosuit for Lower Limb Assistance
now postdoctoral researcher at the University of Twente

Dr. Prudhvi Tej Chinimilli, Fall 2018 (co-chaired with Prof. Sangram Redkar)
Dissertation: Human Activity Recognition and Control of Wearable Robots
now research scientist at Sentinel Healthcare

Master Students (thesis option)

Ibrahim Hasan, Summer 2021

Mason Smith, Spring 2021

Pallavi Shintre, Fall 2020

Shubham Turakhia, Fall 2020

Hansol Moon, Spring 2020

Jonathan Bush, co-chaired with Dr. Robert Heinrichs, Spring 2020

Kashyap Sathyamurthy, Spring 2020

Souvik Poddar, Spring 2020

Francisco Javier Lopez Arellano, co-chaired with Prof. Marco Santello, Spring 2019

Rebecca Bell, Spring 2019

Karthik Kambam, co-chaired with Prof. Angelia Nedich, Fall 2018

Vaibhav Jhawar, Summer 2018

Mostafa Rezayat, Summer 2018

Bachelor Students (honor’s thesis)

Jose Nacias, Matthew Downey, and Edward Goldenberg, Spring 2021

Sam Seidel, Spring 2020

Colton Van Hazel, Spring 2020

Marcus Schaller, Fall 2019

Jose Luis Rivera, Spring 2019

Daniel Gaytan-Jenkins, Spring 2019

Jonathan Bush, Spring 2019

Breanna Holmes, Spring 2018